Iconostasis (templo) St John’s the Baptist

Iconostasis by Mavromytis Pty Ltd

I’m very proud to present my third Iconostasis in Australasia. Mavromytis Pty Ltd has once again being chosen to design, manufacture and install this Byzantine art.
Hand carved with variable Parastasis made from solid Lint wood

Project: St. John the Baptist, Croydon Park, Sydney NSW.

Metropolitan Basilios
Royal Doors
Pheasants hand Carved
Upper Decor of Iconostasis – Byzantine
Upper part of main Royal Doors
Detail of Ornament design

Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral of St George

One of the largest projects in Australasia was assigned to Mavromytis Pty Ltd, the manufacture and installation of 9 Chandeliers as well as 13 Light Solid Brass Bishop Lights.

Panos Mavromytis – Project Manager
Main entrance – Three Chandeliers consisting of 44 Lights – Solid Brass Chandeliers
Main Chandelier – 64 Lights – 3 meters, Solid Brass
Main Chandelier 64 Lights with two smaller Chandeliers consisting of 28 Lights each
Initial Drawings Copyright 2019 Mavromytis Pty L:td