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With nearly 30 years’ experience in Ecclesiastical Church furniture

Make a Donation

 This service gives the possibility in our visitors to offering in the churches or in the monasteries, some types of our catalog.

Make a donation for any Church around the world by completing the above simple steps:

  1. Add to your cart any product that you would like to donate
  2. Click on the “Checkout” button
  3. In the Shipping details, fill in the details of the church that you would like us to ship the product
  4. In the Billig details, fill in your personal details
  5. In the Comments section, fill in the comments that you want us to send to the church along with the product
  6. Complete the order

We will make sure that your donation will reach the church.

Our Services

Project Management

Project management is the art of taking the right tools and utilizing these tools from uncertainty and transforming it into (near) certainty. For a given project, constraints are defined, and the project manager is expected to deliver within those constraints.


We design custom Church furniture with different styles and types of wood, from Church Pews, Iconostasis, Icon stands as well as Ecclesiastical Chandeliers.

Sales & support

The online store has been introduced as a medium to introduce many of our products that can be purchased online as well as an online Catalog from many of the Ecclesiastical and Church Furniture available.


Our latest Project - Greek Orthodox Frankston

Church of the Theophany (Constantinople)