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About us

With nearly 30 years’ experience in Ecclesiastical Church furniture

In 1978 a small workshop and business were born, founded by George Mavromytis in mainland Greece. We were given the opportunity to discover the Ecclesiastical Artefacts, Church Furniture & Church Products that brightens and lights the house of God, to appreciate the sentimental value of each Church item, acknowledge the values and traditions of the Christian Orthodox faith.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in Ecclesiastical Church furniture & Christian Orthodox products, I’m happy to introduce and pursue my faith in Australia & Australasia focusing on Church Wood Furniture, Ecclesiastical Church Items, Interior Design & Project Management.

I have decorated Sacred Monasteries, Holy Shrines, Cathedrals & Chapels in Greece and abroad with works such as Chandeliers, Iconostasis (Templa), relics, Bishop Lights, Church Furniture and Church items.

The presentation of the few selected items or projects gives you the opportunity to evaluate their quality, the Art and design.

I’m blessed and thankful for the trust my clients have given me, our work, our ongoing support and products.

Panos Mavromytis

Our Services

Project Management

Project management is the art of taking the right tools and utilizing these tools from uncertainty and transforming it into (near) certainty. For a given project, constraints are defined, and the project manager is expected to deliver within those constraints.


We design custom Church furniture with different styles and types of wood, from Church Pews, Iconostasis, Icon stands as well as Ecclesiastical Chandeliers.

Sales & support

The online store has been introduced as a medium to introduce many of our products that can be purchased online as well as an online Catalog from many of the Ecclesiastical and Church Furniture available.


Our latest Project - Greek Orthodox Frankston

Church of the Theophany (Constantinople)