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With nearly 30 years’ experience in Ecclesiastical Church furniture

 Our online services allow you to place orders and we can post to any Church, Parish or Monastery around the world.

The process is simple, by means of the following steps:

  1. Choose the products you wish to donate, add to cart function
  2. Follow the “Checkout” process
  3. The Shipping details, fill in the details of the “Recipient”
  4. In the Billing details, fill in your personal details
  5. Add any additional comments to accommodate the product to it’s final destination
  6. Complete the order!
  7. That’s it!

All orders are followed and tracked, which we inform the client of the process and delivery. Certain products are custom made and therefore prices are not included, use the “Enquire about this Product button” and we will respond withing 24 hours with prices and availability.

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Our latest Project - Greek Orthodox Frankston

Church of the Theophany (Constantinople)